"As you venture away from cities and towns the twisty road will open to pastures along the river side.
Grazing cows and cawing birds dot the verdant scape and wide, naked headlands open to big skies.
Beyond - an island of pennies, the rocks of goats and dunes of lolling seals.
This is a world of greens, blues and mythic views - the echoes of siren songs.
At the end of the scenic route is our crescent sliver of a town.Welcome to Jenner By The Sea - a place of magical and piercing beauty."

The Blue Lotus

The Great Outdoors

The great outdoors in Jenner by the Sea offers everyone from adventure seeker,  plein-air painter, hiker, biker, kayaker, naturalist, photographer, or beach comer a place to enjoy life to its fullest. Jenner is surrounded by a nature preserve, The Jenner Headlands and Goat Rock state park. The Jenner Estuary is home to both resident harbor seals and birds plus thousands of migrating birds. Off shore you can see migrating whales during January through May. Come and find out why this is the place for you.
Heron photo courtesy or Bob's Eyes.


Stay For A Night

Jenner by the Sea has many options available for you to extend your stay. Stay in The Jenner Inn, River's End Cabins or many fine vacation rentals like Casa Panama and nearby campgrounds and RV parks.

People have been staying in Jenner for generations. Our visitors have come from all over the world. You will find a place to stay in every price range. Some homes in town were designed by architects and others built by long time Jenner residence. The beauty is it not another overdeveloped coastal town.


Enjoy Jenner

The Sonoma Coast and Russian River area has a variety of events going on through out the year. Jenner is at the crossroads with the Pacific Ocean and the Russian River. Jenner's Fishstock Festival on Labor Day weekend is a local favorite.


Eat lunch or dinner at  Rivers End. Enjoy coffee and pastries at Cafe Aquatica by the Russian River.